Three Ways to Gift Greener

Three Ways to Gift Greener
Authored By Carolyn S

Recyclable Wrapping Paper

When the excitement of tearing open the presents under the tree dies down, and you’re left with a small mountain of wadded wrapping paper, you might plan on dumping your paper remnants straight into your recycling bin. However, not all wrapping paper is created equal. While they may look extra festive, paper with metallic foil, velvet-flocking or glitter cannot be recycled. Instead, opt for kraft paper or go a step further and wrap your gifts in reusable bags that will remain useful after the tree comes down and decorations are packed away. We dig this list of sustainable wrapping ideas.

Something Old > Something New

The gifts you give don’t have to be new. Instead of absentmindedly browsing big-box aisles for your next gift purchases, think secondhand. Check out your local thrift store for baskets or boxes to use as wrapping. A unique vase can rock a one-of-a-kind vibe that creates a statement piece rather than a ho-hum container than will be banished to a cabinet after the season. Take a walk through an antique shop and find a gift with history. A vintage metal sign could be the perfect addition to your pal’s man cave. Your family and friends will appreciate the time you took to hunt for the perfect treasure, and you’ll be sure someone else won’t gift them the same thing. 

Shop Sustainably

When shopping for new gifts, do some research. Where is it made? What steps are the company taking to be eco-friendly in their business? Support local brands that are striving to make a difference in the community and offer well-made products that will last well beyond the new year. Our tees and fleece are made of eco-friendly materials and are fair-trade certified. We’re not perfect, but we go to great lengths to make sure that each step of our process is as sustainable as possible, right down to our reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging.

So this year, when you’re dashing through the snow searching for the perfect gift to give, keep these tips in mind and keep your holidays green.

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