Exploring the Great Outdoors, Indoors

Exploring the Great Outdoors, Indoors
Authored By Carolyn S
Being stuck inside sucks. It’s the right thing to do, but it doesn’t stop the longing to roam free. Take a look through these virtual adventures to help put your wandering soul at ease.

From fjords and volcanoes to caverns and canyons, take a trip into some of our most incredible National Parks from the comfort of your couch.

Since hopping on a flight to Peru isn’t an option right now, take in the wonder of Machu Picchu in this 360-degree virtual tour and learn about the history of this famous site thanks to a helpful voice narrator.

Camp out at home and stare at Canada’s night sky for a chance to see the Aurora Borealis.

Longing for surf and sand? Add a dose of zen to your day and check out this live stream of the Pipeline’s barrel waves.

Now, settle in, throw on your favorite fleece (might we recommend this one), and start exploring the great outdoors, from your safer indoors.

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